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VALVE AUTOMATION -"ASDA" 2/2 Way Dust Collector Slenoid Valve


"ASDA" 2/2 Way Dust Collector Slenoid Valve Pulse Valve Angle Type

"Aira" offers high performance diaphragm operated pulse and pilot solenoid valves with threaded ports available with integral pilot or as remotely pilot valves.Out let at 90° to inlet.The pulse valves have just one moving part, the diaphragm. Springless construction of diaphragm providing fast ON-OFF operation.This high speed operation saves compressed air and provides kind of shock wave necessary to free the dust from filter bags.

Size: "1/2" To 6 Screwed

Suitable For: Dust collector application, in particular for reverse pulse jet filter cleaning including bag filters, cartridge filters, envelope filters, ceramic filters and sintered metal fiber filters.


1. Prepare supply and blowtube pipes to suit valve specification.
2. Valves are mountable in any position without affecting operation, but as a general practice, to fit the valve keeping solenoid upright and above header tank is desirable. This prevents
scale and water entering the valve.
3. Ensure tank and pipes are free from dirt, rust or other particulate.
4. Ensure supply air is clean and dry.
5. Mount valves to inlet pipes and blow tube to valves, ensuring no excess thread sealant can enter the valve itself.
6. Make electrical connections to solenoid or connect remote pilot solenoid valve to pilot port (For remotely piloted valves only).
7. Selection of the proper pilot valve orifice is important for the remote control solenoid valves as well as length of the connecting tube, which should be kept as short as possible.
8. Apply moderate pressure to system and check for installation leaks.
9. Fully pressurise system.
10. Test fire and listen for proper actuation and crisp pulse noise


Operations: The pulse valve is either operated by an integral solenoid operator or a remote pilot solenoid valve. When the pilot solenoid valve is energised, the air trapped above the diaphragm is quickly exhausted through the pilot solenoid valve, causing very fast opening of the main pulse valve. When the pilot solenoid valve is deenergised air supplied through a bleed hole is trapped above main diaphragm, causing to close the valve


Maintenance: Before conducting any maintenance activity on the system ensure that components are fully isolated from pressure and power should not be reapplied until the valve has been fully assembled.Diaphragm and pilot inspection should be conducted anually.


Body and Bonnet Construction

Pressure Rating
IP 20(IS 2147) Solenoid Coil
IP65 (IS 2147) Solenoid Coil
Group I, IIA, IIB, & IIC (IS 2148) Solenoid Coil
Coil Rating

: Alluminium Pressure Die Cast
: Nitrile or Neoprene (Reinforced)
: Rated for 80°C max.
: For High Temperature Upto 125°C Viton diaphargm with viton seat can be provided.
: 0 to 6 bar max.
: General Purpose
: For Waterproof application
: For Explosion/Flame-proof application
: Continuous Rated
: 24,48,110,220 VoltsAC, 50Hz
12,24,48,110,220 VoIt sDC.

DIMENSIONS(All Dimensions are in mm)