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VALVE AUTOMATION -Disc Check Valve "DCV"-Wafer Type


Disc Type Non Return Valve "NRV" Non slam Check Valve

"Cair" offers disc check valves (water type) especially for chemical, Food processing, Pharmaceuticals,Pulp and Paper,Textiles,Power generation,Refrigeration & Air Conditioning etc.The valves are used in Oil lines,Processing line, Hot and cold water systems, steam and condensates,Gas lines etc.

Size Range : "1/2" To 4 S/E
Size Range up to
: "1/2" To 8 Wafer Type

Salient Features :
• Disc Check Valve is an advanced design which gives full flow and occupy very less space than other type of Non Return Valve. This also available with IBR Certificate in Form IIIC.
• DCVs are simple to fit between two pipe flanges.
• Spring loaded disc to prevent reverse flow in pipe lines.
• Stronger, lighter and smaller than conventional swing check valves, hence less expensive to install and maintain.
• Compact Design of valves flexibly accommodates various types of flange selection.
• The valves can be fitted in any plane / direction in pipelines.
• Available in 15mm to 100mm sizes.
• Extremely low operating pressure.Self centering type design.
• Zero leakage for soft seated valves.
•Testing As perAPI 598.


Operations : Disc Check Valves are opened by the pressure of the fluid and closed through compression spring as soon as flow stops thus preventing reverse flow.

Standards : Designed and Manufactured in accordance with BS 7438

Body and Bonnet Construction

Spring Retainer
Disc Seat

Pressure Rating
Flanged Standard

: ASTM A 351 Gr. CF 8 / CF8M.
: ASTMA216 Gr. WCB.
: AlSI 304 or AISI 316 (Bar Stock).
: Standard.
: AlSI 304 orAISI 316.
: Metal to Metal, EPDM / Nitrile - soft seated for water and PTFE / viton - soft seated for oil & gases.
: PN 40.
: 1. BS 10 Table D,E & H (65NB & 8ONB will not be fitted between ‘E’ flanges)
2. DIN : PN6, 10, 16, 25, 40.
3. JIS 5, 10, 16, 20 (4ONB, 50NB, 8ONB, & 100NB will not be fitted between JIS 5 flanges)

DIMENSIONS : (All Dimensions are in mm)