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VALVE AUTOMATION -Valve Positioner


Smart Positioner
"“aira” offers electro pneumatic SMART valve positioner with position transmitter (single acting).

General : APP8000 Serial smart valve positioner is designed to operate rotary or linear pneumatic valve actuator. Through the pneumatic actuator, the positioner control the valve to the required position when collecting standard electrical current signal or computer signal. This smart valve positioner includes piezo & pilot valve, inductive position sensor and control CPU etc. By using advanced piezo valve and pilot valve of HOERBIGER-ORIGA company as pneumatic driver sets, the response time of piezo valve is under 2ms while pilot valve response time bellows 20ms, which could ensure the valve a very high adjusting precise and short response time. As the positioner do not need air itself, when the valve reach the required position, the air consumption could even be overlooked.


The principle is different from the traditional electro-pneumatic valve positioners which use nozzle flapper structure. Advanced PID fuzzy control software in the CPU, auto adapting parameter of PID, it makes the control fast, steady and exact (Fig.1).32 letter LCD version and four push buttons meet all the requirements of parameters input, zero and span adjusting or split range. The valve position adjusting could be done without any other instruments at the working place

Auto Calibration:
The smart valve positioner is combined with the function of digit valve controller and performance monitor.
  • Smart valve positioner uses two wire lines. It takes 4-20mA input signal as its power, signal drop voltage is 9.2 equal to load resistance 46017.
  • 4-20mA feedback module and limit switch module is optional. Freely set alarm value and output status of limit switch.
  • The pressure sensor with optional measuring diaphragm can run self-diagnoses according its history record. Self-diagnoses includes: pressure air stopped, valve locked, positioner failure, valve posited time, diaphragm or cylinder air leaking, packing abrasion and ventileinheit abrasion etc.
  • 4-12mA and 12-20mA split range.
  • Adjustable sensitivity.
  • It is available to choose the output characteristics, such as linear, equal percentage, quick open and user defined.
  • Low power consumption, low air consumption and running cost. Piezo valve control, the positioner do not consume air itself, when the valve reach the required position, the air consumption could even be overlooked(it can save more money than traditional valve positioner).
  • High sensitivity, high precision and short response time.
  • 32 letters LCD, clear showing.
  • Module designing, compact and reliable.
Input Signal 4-20mA(two wire)
Air Supply 1.4~7.0bar
Stroke Linear: 10-150mm, Rotary: 0-100°
Flow Rate(max) 130L/min(at6.0bar)
Impedance 460ohm
Response Time <20ms
Sensitivity 0.08mA or < ±0. 5%
Linearity 1.00%
Hysteresis 2%
Precision 0.50%
Repeatability 0.50%
Air Consumption 0.0006Nm 3 /h when the positioner is steadying
Ambient Temperature -30°C~+60°C
Air Connection 1/4NPT
Conduit M20xl.5, l/2NPT
Weather Proof IP65
Explosion Proof ExiaIICT6
Material Aluminum alloy
Weight 1.8kg

1. Output Port 11. Aluminum Alloy Protecting Cover of PCB
2. Input Port 12. Inductive Position Sensor
3. Throttle 13. Driven Gear
4. Signal Input Port 14. Driving Gear
5. Earth Lug 15. Feedback Shaft
6. Terminal Trip 16. Spring for Initializing Inductive Position Sensor
7. Terminal Trip 17. Body
8. LCD 18. Cover
9. Button 19.Exhaust Port
10. Piezo & Pilot Valve 0.50%